Where White Americans can FLEE to when the SHTF … that a is JEW FREE & FREE of other nonsense

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There is a SUICIDE EPIDEMIC among Whites in SA. There are a *LOT* of Whites, especially men, including young men, who don‘t see any hope for themselves in SA. These people do excellent work saving the lives of Whites, especially young Whites and giving them hope.

[I'm not publishing this guy's email. But this made me smile. There are downsides to Wyoming. But it makes for a good read. It does concern me that white Americans have to even think of fleeing in a country that is still white dominated. The USA is becoming a crazy place. I have an American friend, who I met at the Fash bash who was telling me that he's about to be doxxed again. I find it quite shocking that whites in America have to flee and run and watch over their shoulders. So in the end "Liberalism" is turning into a total nightmare. Don't you wish Hitler was around hey? Its crazy. Truly CRAZY. Jews have made the whole Western world insane. And its only the Western world that is truly insane. But that insanity has come from one source. Jan]

Here’s the suggestion:

I will be posting this multiple times over the next few weeks so forgive me if you’ve read it before. First off, I want to say I love the activism we have going on; from the banner drops to the podcasts to the time consuming research that goes into creating videos to donations and merch and even to people who just share videos trying wake people up. Everyone is making a difference. Now it’s time to make a bigger difference. I consider all of us American Gentiles living in diaspora as we are scattered across the U.S. landscape while our country has been invaded, infested and taken over by the jews. As we know, they are in every powerful position across the globe while us Goyim either collaborate or try to eek out a happy existence. The one common denominator is this community is our jewish enemy and our acknowledgement it. (most) Anything else is trivial and should be be ignored or respectfully debated. On to the bigger difference we can make. Ask yourselves these questions: Are you happy with where you live? In your town, can you openly name the jew or deny the holocaust without fear? Can you even take a piss without being forced to wear a face diaper? How many jews live in or control your town? How far would you travel to never be near a jew again or patronize it’s business? If a utopia existed not so far from you, would you leave everything behind and go? I think I’ve found that utopia and it’s called Wyoming. Before you dismiss it, hear me out. This is why I like Wyoming, ESPECIALLY when the eventual SHTF….. (in no particular order) 1. Located centrally in the continental U.S. 2. The least populated state(around 500,000) 3. Virtually NO jews 4. No 5G 5. No masks 6. No lockdowns 7. No vaccines 8. Breath-taking scenery 9. Million dollar property for pennies on the dollar(it’s almost free) 10. Fresh, clean air and water 11. Healthy bison, cattle, game and fish 12. Very agricultural; plenty of ranches, farms, gardens, ect. 13. 3/4 of the citizens are hardworking European American Conservatives(they may not be perfect but I’ll take that over jewyork any day) 14. Low crime 15. Low taxes 16. Climate- I’m making this a positive. It’s not the north pole and it’s not on the equator. Who doesn’t love snowmobiling?? 17. If enough of us join this venture, we can flip the whole state. More people watch Alex Jones on a Monday morning than live in the whole state. (Don’t bash me; I’m just using him as an example of how low the population is.) Think about how great (and easy BTW) it would be to elect some of us to government positions. From Sheriff to Mayor to Senator to Governor… It’s not hard to see the positive consequences that would come from that. So if you’re tired of seeing masked joggers and being teabagged by jewish nutsack every waking minute, join me in my quest. I’m on a 2 year plan of liquidating assets and real estate to make this happen. Anyone here will be welcomed to stay on my ranch. Let me hear some input.

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