#BS#When Non-Whites Kill, Watch the Media Go “Breivik, Breivik, Breivik”

#BS#EVERY TIME aliens commit terrorist acts, murdering Whites — acts that are big enough to cause world headlines — mass media references to Anders Breivik spike.

The theme being pushed is that “Christians” or Whites are really the “biggest terrorists,” or the “greatest threat”, or, as in this current Huffington Post reference, that Whites / governments of White nations / or “Christians” did not object to what he did (an obvious lie):

Nobody expected Christians to distance themselves when Anders Behring Breivik murdered 77 young people in the name of Christianity.

Of course, Breivik didn’t kill in the name of Christianity. People who commit genocide, and the mass media are massively implicated in the current genocide of Whites, are liars as well as mass murderers, as one would expect.

My own view is that people like Breivik are a natural consequence of genocide, similar to the reflexive action of a dying body.

1) They aren’t going to disappear until the European race is completely dead.

2) Although they don’t slow or even pause the process of genocide, they don’t speed it up or make anything worse, either — because Jews and governments are already moving as fast and ruthlessly as they possibly can.

The first deliberate genocide of a major race in all of human history is not a small undertaking.

Source: https://nationalvanguard.org/2015/11/when-non-whites-kill-watch-the-media-go-breivik-breivik-breivik/

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