When armchair Generals say: Hitler and Napoleon made stupid mistakes & deserved to lose…

[I get quite irritated and annoyed when people keep saying: Oh Hitler was a fool and he did this wrong; and Napoleon was a fool and he did that wrong. All these comments come from people with 20/20 hindsight, a bunch of cheap armchair generals who have not got the slightest clue about the incredible feats of arms and unbelievable brilliance of the Germans or the French in their respective world wars.

On Mike Walsh’s website there were comments about an article of his which had this type of attitude. You can read the comments and article here: https://europeansworldwide.wordpress.com/2017/11/24/the-allied-battle-for-bolshevism/comment-page-1/#comment-1815

Below is my response to this. Jan]

There are so many arm-chair generals who like to point out the “obvious” errors of Hitler or Napoleon. I think this is nonsense. Von Manstein himself said in his memoirs that in 1943, there was no reason whatsoever to believe that Germany could still lose the war. Both Napoleon and Hitler were brought down by Jewish-Britain working with Russia (and other countries) to destroy the victory of one European country which brought unity to Europe through force of arms. In BOTH cases, the accused (Napoleon or Hitler) did not actually start the conflict and neither were the first to make any of the moves. In the case of Napoleon, he had to survive SEVERAL “Coalitions” (read: “Allies” organised by Jewish Britain) before he fell. In Hitler’s case, he even had to deal with invasion by another continent (USA).

In both cases, the French and the Germans, fought right to the very end valiantly despite everything. The French even won a battle AFTER Waterloo had been lost. The Germans faced unbelievable overwhelming power and yet were still fighting with incredible tenacity perhaps as late as early 1945 against incredible odds.

Europe is a small continent, and the defeat of Europe is something engineered by bigger forces outside Europe. In both cases Jewish-Britain was a critical role player. Jewish-Britain, for centuries worked to maintain “the balance of power” in Europe so that no one European nation could unite Europe.

That France and Germany, each could put up the fight that they did was astounding.

The incredible amount of help that the communist Soviet Union got during WW2 from the USA and Britain must not be ignored. Something like 5,000 fighter aircraft were flown from the USA directly to the USSR at one point. Compare that to the entire German airforce which had 12,000 aircraft. That was just the aircraft.

The Germans were producing tanks measured at less than 1,000 per month throughout the war whereas Russia was churning out about 20,000 per month. In the final months of the war, the Germans on the Eastern front were outnumbered 12:1.

The Germans, like the French were overwhelmed by production capacity and by empires larger than Europe.

I think it is ridiculous to blame Napoleon or Hitler for either of their defeats. Nobody else would have come to within even a fraction of the sheer fight that both of them managed to put up.

The German army during WW2 killed about 30 million in Russia alone! Now that’s saying something for an army that never numbered more than 3 million.

What you have in all these cases is Jewish globalism, using the powers of EMPIRES across the surface of the earth to crush a small country of whites. Napoleon faced 3 empires: Britain, Russia & Austro-Hungarian. Hitler faced 3 empires: British, Russian and American (we can refer to America as an empire due to it enormous size).

Austerlitz, which Napoleon won, is also known as the Battle of 3 Emperors. Napoleon defeated 2 Emperors in a single day.

The sheer feats of arms of the French and Germans during their respective world wars (which they both were) is almost beyond belief.

I should add that the Spaniards were a European super-power after they kicked the Jews out in 1492 and they were a super-power that actually won and survived for centuries.

I think it is utterly stupid for people to blame Hitler and Napoleon for their final defeats. Their feats of arms were greater than anything the world has seen since the Roman Empire.

Both Hitler and Napoleon did reach out to make peace. But their enemies were implacable and Jewish-Britain kept arranging for others to gang up on them until eventually they were overwhelmed.

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