What the heck is going on? Who the heck is the young irritating climate activist girl: Greta Thunberg?


Believe it or not, but I’ve never once watched a video of this young White girl. But I’ve seen tons of news articles about her as a climate activist. I see she’s from Sweden. And I’ve checked to see if her mom or dad are Jews, but I find no proof of this.

I just don’t listen to an 18 year old talking some shit about science. I don’t care what she says. She cannot know much, if anything. She can only be some kind of foolish youngster pushing an agenda.

What I do find amazing, and therefore there has to be much more to this than meets the eye, is that somehow, someone (Jews? Freemasons? Globalists?) … is behind her. Because for her to get so much attention IS NOT NORMAL.

Something is going on. But what?

This is on wikipedia and I browsed it and I can’t find anything offhand that gives me a clue.


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