What the Good Jews do…

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Here is a comment from someone in the UK that he wrote. An Australian replied to him below:

7:29 a.m., Monday Nov. 16

Jake Darwin: wrote:

It may well be part of the entire jewish policy to run their fraud for many years – in the process extracting vast amounts of money from non-Jews, and also corrupting their history and general ideas. And then along come a few Jews, pretending to expose their own frauds, and presumably to get approval for it – maybe these scum will become professors and editors etc, without of course saying anything about genuine history, reparations for ‘goyim’ and the like

raymond daubney Jake Darwin15 days ago

Yes indeed, but they say precious little about the extermination of German troops, including boys in uniform aged only ten y.o., in the Rhine Meadows death camps.

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