What Mark Twain said about the Jews


[I came across this in the book: I testify against the Jews written in the early 1950s in the USA. It seems the Jews also went to remove some of Twain’s writings about them. But this is what he wrote about them. Its true to this day more than a century later! Jan]

“Concerning The Jews,” article by Mark Twain in the 1900 edition of
“The Man That Corrupted Hadfeyburg,” reflects strong “Anti-Semitism” in
the U. S. 33 years before Hitler came to power. Twain said: “The Jew is a
meney-getter;” he made it the end and aim of his life; he was at it in Rome;
he has been at it ever since; his success has made the whole human race his
enemy.” (33 years before Hitler became the chancellor of Germany.)

Source: CONCERNING THE JEWS, by Mark Twain. (A chapter in 1900 edition of his
book “The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg.” A devastating anti-Jew exposure.)

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