We need the Old Boer Republics BACK! – An Afrikaans book that will make your head EXPLODE

[This is from an email I was writing to someone in South Africa. Jan]

I wrote:
About The old Boer Republics.

I, personally, think we need to bring them back. I’m not joking with you. One thing I’ve kept under wraps and need to deal with is the INSANE AMOUNT OF WEALTH of the Boer Republics … even TODAY! If you knew the actual figure your jaw would hit the floor.

Everything the Boers had was stolen, and the "(((parasites)))" have been feeding off it for the last 120 years. The Boers today even, are the richest group of people in South Africa, but none of them know it! ALL of South Africa is literally built around the Boer Republics and their wealth.

… snip …

[There is an Afrikaans book I translated:]

Your head will explode. It contains history you’ve never heard of.

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We need the Boers back. Seriously.

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