Was the Jew Woody Allen a paedophile?

[It seems like a real possibility that the Jew Woody Allen was a paedophile. This is another example of a "famous White" I knew about when I was younger, and I never suspected he's a Jew. But as usual, all these famous people are Jews. Jews and more JEWS! Given what we know about Jews, this could very well be true. It would not surprise me. Jan]

On August 4, 1992, Allen visited his children at Farrow’s country home in Connecticut while Farrow and a friend went shopping with the two most recently adopted children, Tam and Isaiah.[1] Farrow and Allen were to sign an agreement on August 6 that Allen would pay $6,000 a month for the support of Dylan, Satchel and Moses;[1] Martin Weltz, Farrow’s lawyer, said that on August 4 Farrow called him to suspend the processing of the agreement.[53]

Present in the house once Farrow had left were Dylan; Satchel; Farrow’s babysitter, Kristie Groteke; the children’s French tutor, Sophie Berge; Farrow’s friend’s three children; and Farrow’s friend’s babysitter, Alison Strickland. When Farrow left the house Moses was, according to her, "off by himself taking a walk". Moses claims he was in the house when Allen arrived.[54][55] The day after the visit, Strickland told her employer that she had seen Allen kneel on the floor in front of Dylan, then aged seven, with his face in her lap turned toward Dylan’s body; she testified to that effect during the custody trial.[56] (The judge, after hearing Strickland’s testimony, did not believe that she was describing any kind of abuse or inappropriate behavior.)[13] Dylan allegedly told Farrow what had happened and that she had not liked it; Farrow telephoned her attorney for guidance and was advised to take Dylan to her local pediatrician. Farrow took Dylan to Vadakkekara Kavirajan, Farrow’s regular pediatrician, to whom the girl did not make any report of abuse.

According to the expert Farrow hired, Farrow had videotaped Dylan answering her questions before the second visit to the pediatrician, and Dylan had made the allegation of abuse "in fits and starts", and in a way that "set a tone for a child about how to answer",[57] and Dylan told Farrow that she had been with Allen in the attic[58] and that he had touched her private parts.[7][28][1] The following day, they returned to see Kavirajan, and Dylan repeated the allegation. Kavirajan then informed authorities, although he said he found no physical evidence of sexual molestation.[59][60][61] Kavirajan later told an interviewer that he was "required by state law" to report any allegations of child abuse.[61]Susan Coates informed Allen of the allegation during one of the sessions in which he was participating in Satchel’s therapy; he responded, "I’m completely flabbergasted," repeating it several times.[34]

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Woody_Allen_sexual_abuse_allegation

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