WARNING: WARNING: WHITES: KIKES AT WORK: JEWS SMASHING BITCHUTE CHANNELS – Are British Jews & Rothschilds destroying Bitchute? – Tribute to British Whites!

[One of my young and loyal Americans who does a lot in his private capacity to stand up for whites just reported to me that Bitchute just shut down his channel. So this is big stuff.  This is confirming what I've been hearing, that Bitchute is blocked in Holland and Italy. You will see more about this later. The Jews are ONCE AGAIN being PROTECTED BY THE ELITE, BY THE BIG CORPORATIONS, BY THE WEAK JEW-LOVING ELITE AT THE TOP! Yet again, the WEAK LEADERS AT THE TOP who are Jew controlled or Jew influenced are working DESPERATELY TO STOP THE MASSIVE WHITE AWAKENING that is taking place. WE WERE WINNING!  We were winning despite the MASSIVE, incredible Jewish shutdowns on Youtube and on Facebook and on Twitter. Now the Jews are coming for the only platform we have left. One of my supporters explained to me that Bitchute can't be stopped because it is peer-to-peer. I will reveal what I know about Bitchute, but kept to myself. Bitchute is a company that is registered in the UK. I was quiet about this because this was a potential problem. We were amazed that a British company, that some BRITISH WHITES were pulling off the greatest feat of white fightback on the planet. I have very little kind to say about the Jew-controlled Brits, but the raw fact of the matter is that Bitchute, the GREATEST SUCCESS of the Whites on the Political Right on the Internet is actually a British feat! So we need to take our hats off to them. If Bitchute can't be stopped TECHNICALLY (i.e. Peer to peer), then the ONLY WAY that they are forcing things on Bitchute, is by way of LEGAL ACTIONS! Legal actions are secret and unless the company publishes the details you won't know what's going on behind the scenes. So I think the ONLY explanation for the Bitchute problems is that the JEWS are using INTENSIVE LEGAL THREATS against Bitchute. That is the only way that bitchute can be forced to do this. This coincides with what I'm hearing of Bitchute being blocked in Holland and Italy. I find it quite funny, but TRUE, that small amounts of normal whites like ourselves have to be ganged up on by: JEWISH BILLIONAIRES, MASSIVE CORPORATIONS AND THE ELITE IN ORDER FOR THEM TO STOP US!!!! Yes, common whites, using their meagre resources, have been fighting the SUPER RICH and FCKING THEM!!!! Just this evening Alison Chabloz in the UK sent me the latest nightmares she is living through. The Jewish pieces of crap just can't leave even a single white woman alone. They have to hound her to what? To her own bloody destruction? These Jewish mother fckers have to smash down normal whites one by one. But, in terms of personal abilities, bravery, skill and dedication, I must tell you, I am grinning from ear-to-ear at the achievements of whites. I will be VERY SAD to see the Jews destroying Bitchute and I hope that somehow Bitchute can manage to stay alive. All I can say is that if Bitchute is busy applying restrictions then it can ONLY BE INTENSIVE JEWISH LEGAL THREATS ON BITCHUTE. That's all it can be. While Gab was big and successful, the fact is that Bitchute is truly the greatest success of the whites. So we must take our hats off to the White Brits, whoever they are, who set it up and trust that they will fight as best they can to stay in the game, like Gab. It will be extremely sad to see the many brilliant videos whites have produced lost. But we must find new platforms and methods and continue our education. This is a running guerilla war as the Jews try to divide our race and destroy us. BUT LET THIS ALSO BE A LESSON TO YOU THAT WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT SICK AND WHITE PEOPLE ARE NOT NATURALLY DIVIDED! WE WERE ALL WORKING TOGETHER VERY HAPPILY WITHOUT ANY HASSLES AND THEN JEWS AND THE WEAK ELITE CAME TO F*CK US OVER IN ORDER TO PROTECT THE FILTHY, LYING JEWISH SCUM! THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH US!!!! WE WERE DOING GREAT, AND IT SHOWS WHAT IS POSSIBLE AND WHY WE MUST ALL JUST SEE HOW TO SURVIVE THIS AND FIGHT BACK. WE MUST AWAKEN OUR RACE. WE MUST DO THIS. This is no doubt related to the election in the USA too. I was asking Alex Linder today whether he thought Trump would win, and Alex was saying that he things a Trump loss is also possible. In the USA the Jews and their black minions are going crazy. Alex said that there has been violence in Portland for about 85 days running (as best I can remember). The Jews are trying to get the blacks and Liberal and Communist scum to burn the USA down. I am personally hoping all white Americans will just VOTE TRUMP. VOTE TRUMP TO PISS OFF THE JEWS IF NOTHING ELSE. We need the madness. The Jews must show their real colours. Their massive intimidation campaign of Americans is something everyone must see. Whites need to see that these insane nuts will burn the USA to the ground if it moves even slightly away from Jewish Diversity and Liberal madness. Returning to Bitchute, we are talking about the land of the multi-Trillionaire Rothschilds who are a highly protected species and who have been protected by the crown itself and the Govt and whom the British army and navy have killed for. So if the real King of England, the Jew Rothschild, advises that this white racism must end, then of course, the British will do this. I am pleased with Trump's trade war with China because it is massively impacting China and forcing BIG CHANGES in the long run in the USA and UK. That may be the most significant thing Trump has done for the very weak, Jew-induced, English-speaking part of our race. My own assessment is that if Bitchute is busy with censoring then it is because MASSIVE and DEVASTATING LEGAL ATTACKS ARE GOING ON BEHIND THE SCENES. The Rothschilds and the filthy world Jewry are targeting the loveliest creation of the white right on the Internet, Bitchute. It horrifies me. But these Jews are WILDLY DETERMINED TO SQUASH EVERY OUNCE OF WHITE THOUGHT. But, we're Europeans and we must stick together and fight on. Everything is at stake. The awakening of our race is EVERYTHING. I told my young supporter that I suspect that we whites have been on the verge of OUT OF CONTROL AWAKENINGS a number of times in the last 30 years. The Jews can only be doing this because they are FREAKING OUT at how whites on the Internet are tearing the entire Jewish house of cards down. Look at how Jewish owned Facebook had to BAN ALL POSTS ABOUT JEWISH POWER AND WORLD CONTROL! ALL OF IT! Massive, mega censorship on a vast scale, just like Alexa with its smashing of hundreds of books. These are the DESPERATE ACTIONS OF LOSERS! The lying "people of God" are realising that a hodge podge of determined, normal whites, are ripping their entire set of lies to pieces. The weak Elite who grovel for Jewish money are trying to (a) Keep the Jews alive (b) Prevent the Jews being kicked out of the West in the same way that almost EXACTLY 100 years ago, the Whites of Europe were busy with a massive awakening of their own triggered by the rise of Jewish Bolshevism in Russia by their own henchmen. The Jews cannot handle the TRUTH as spoken by even a Single white person! They don't want any of us to survive. Alison was telling me the Jews want all of us corralled. So true. The Jews cannot handle a single one of us speaking the slightest truth. But, WHITE PEOPLE KNOW THIS AND NEVER FORGET THIS: WE WERE WINNING YET AGAIN AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, IT SHOWS WE WERE UNITED AND HAPPY. WE WERE NOT DIVIDED! WE WERE WORKING TOGETHER HAPPILY. WE WERE NOT SICK. WE WERE FABULOUS! They had to destroy us because we were: Healthy, United, Determined and WINNING! Our race is NOT LOST! All the illnesses and all the demoralisation and all the division … COMES FROM JEWS!!!!! WE WERE FINE WHEN LEFT ALONE TO OURSELVES! OUR RACE CAN SURVIVE EASILY IF THE JEWISH INFLUENCE IS REMOVED! WE CAN SURVIVE AND HAVE A FANTASTIC FUTURE WHEN THE JEWISH INFLUENCE IS GONE! I wish Bitchute could be saved. Can't Bitchute perhaps relocate to another country? My bet is that JEWISH LEGAL THREATS OF A MASSIVE NATURE ARE BEHIND BITCHUTE'S MOVES. I wish we could help them. Bitchute was fantastic. And Bitchute was winning incredibly. We were winning, and we were beating them with only our own initiative, intelligence and VERY MEAGRE monies! We were busy SMASHING WORLD JEWRY! We were smashing more than the ELITE THEMSELVES WOULD DARE TO! SO WEAR THAT LIKE A BADGE! We acquitted ourselves well. Use Technology, learn technology and science and let's beat these sons of bitches who wish harm upon our race, our nations and our FANTASTIC CIVILISATION! How dare these bastards try to stop our fabulous race! But hey, we gave the SUPER RICH a good bloody nose … more than once! If it was not for the Elite, we would have torn them down altogether! We would have had the most MAGNIFICENT VICTORY! As always Jews are saved by the Elite and by the Elite Race Traitors. TREASON is saving the Jews… again. This must stop. Jan]

Here is the sad, but brave note from my young supporter:

Hail Victory Jan Jews just shoad my Bitchute Channel that platform targeted me and Is in the Process of hitting all our other Bitchute Channels I advise you all to upload your videos xxxxxx . My RobertJayMathewsTurner1999 at 1000 subscribers, 1073 Videos, and Half a Million Views is blocked by these Kikes for adding the David Duke Alex Jonesstein Debate! So my advice to you all is save and upload your content on other alternative platforms and Telegram! Jews may hit us all this November to prevent another mass awakening like in 2016!

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