WARNING: WARNING: NAZIS AND FASCISTS – JEWS AT WORK: Mike Adams is a Shill for the Jews… Natural News and others


I like a lot of what is coming out of Natural News. I even liked his Brighteon video website a lot and posted my videos there.

But I began to notice him going on about NAZIS. And he made changes to his video site. I can’t say that he censors. But there is some kind of shadow banning stuff going on there.

I have noticed Mike Adams talking about NAZIS, and now he’s continuing with this nonsense. I think he’s said the CDC are NAZIS.

I noticed also other American Conservatives starting to warn of FASCISTS. But hold on, America itself is actually a "Fascist" state. Fascism relates back to the Romans.

So it seems to me Jews are at work across the Conservative side of American politics.

The Jews are moving in on some of the bigger White websites.

And when I hear: "NAZIS" and even "FASCISTS" then I tell you, the Jews are there.

The Jews are busy messing with the websites that are linked to us.

When you hear all kinds of weird "NAZI" talk, especially in places where it’s not even relevant, then you’ve got those cunning, sly Jews busy with their Jewish crap.

I’m losing more and more respect for Mike Adams. At one point I thought he might be a good guy for FREE SPEECH – but no more. He’s also going over the top on some stuff.

He’s just a Jew tool now.

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