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I just want to reiterate that there is an enormous news blackout on the Ukraine war. This is official, and the Ukrainian Government ordered this several days ago. I don’t think that Americans and Canadians, and maybe even many Europeans realise the power of Military Secrecy. So I just want to inform you as I’ve said many times that when a Government wants to keep a secret that they can. And they will shut people up and arrest people and take all kinds of measures. The Ukrainians are doing this in order to stop information coming out about the counter offensive.

I have said many times that I am very surprised that Putin himself did not knock out Ukraine’s Internet. The Internet has killed many Russians. And the Internet has probably killed Ukrainians too, and during this counter-offensive, lots of troops and vehicles could be destroyed due to information from phones.

So due to this total news blackout from Ukraine, there are no videos and photos coming from Ukranians. I think the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense issues daily casualty numbers of the damage they say they did to the Russians. And that is the only thing that they issue. They say nothing else.

However, the Russians of course are not under this blackout. So the Russian Government and the Russian Media and the Russian Military Bloggers can issue their photos and videos. Therefore the Russians are almost the ONLY source of information that we have regarding the fighting.

The Russians are, for example, giving their drone and camera footage of the things they are destroying. So all our knowledge is based on what the Russians are showing us. It is therefore somewhat one-sided, and it will be this way for MONTHS.

But, there are conclusions that we will be able to reach as the weeks go by.

What is very much missing, is the information on what the Ukrainians are doing with:-
o The British Storm Shadow missiles
o The American Himars

Those British Storm Shadow missiles are extremely dangerous and they can strike deep into Russia. But now we have no idea where they are being used currently. We also only pick up bits and pieces about what the Himars rockets are doing.

The intensity of the fighting is TREMENDOUS, but we are only picking up little bits and pieces of what’s happening and what we can infer based on what the Russians are getting.

The main data is therefore what the Russians CHOOSE TO SHOW from the FRONT LINE. The Russians could have stuff they don’t want to show and we would not know better.

It will therefore be quite a mission to try to assess what exactly is going on, and we’ll have to read between the lines.

The intensity of the fighting is insane, and it’s going to get even worse.

This summer is going to be the Summer of Death.

I do sit and think that each day, there are White men getting up in the morning on both sides, and they have breakfast, and a lot of them will be dead before nightfall. For each one killed there will be 3 or so others who will survive the day, but they will be extremely badly injured, maybe for life. They will never be normal again.

This thing is very intensive. Between both sides, probably more than 1,000 White men die each day, and probably more than 3,000 are shattered for life. It’s very nasty.

But this is life, and this is a huge fight. Very likely millions will die and many millions more will be shattered, before this thing ends. I don’t see any short end in sight. This summer will be CRITICAL and based on what happens THIS SUMMER, we will be able to predict how long this thing will continue.

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