WARNING: Jewish Globalism would NOT be possible without RICH WHITE TRAITORS!

One thing I must stress to people from my various travels, discussions, etc is the following: That we have TRAITORS in our ranks – among Whites. Who are these traitors? These are almost exclusively the Super Rich and the very rich among us.

The Jews especially, would NEVER have been able to make progress if it was not for WHITE TRAITORS. And all these traitors have been RICHLY REWARDED with WEALTH. This is true in South Africa, it is very, VERY TRUE in America and true across the whole of the Western world.

MONEY is the corrupting influence and these greedy, stupid, weak, pathetic White scum are co-operating and working with Jews and doing all kinds of weird crap and working themselves against the very Whites they live amongst.

One very solid Boer friend here in SA was saying that he’s never seen people so divided as now. South Africa is a hotbed of insane garbage ideas. South Africa is a remnant of Globalism, and South Africa, like America is infused with all sorts of crap ideas. We are a hotbed of bloody Free Masonry, with it’s British Jewish influence. We are up to our eyeballs in LIBERALISM and Communism and the last dregs of Jewish Capitalism.

I am PLEASED TO SAY THAT CAPITALISM IS STRUGGLING, and Communism is also battling at a Government level.

South Africa is in a Weimar state. We are in a Germany 1920’s state. The country is failing and collapsing at every step of the way. I see this as a very good sign. I told my best Boer pal not to worry about White division.

My advice to Whites is KEEP ON GOING! KEEP ON. Just Red Pill every White you can lay your hands on. Just keep going. Forget about division and others who disagree with you. Keep your eye on the ball AND CONVERT AS MANY WHITES AS YOU CAN. JUST FOCUS ON CONVERSION AND RED PILLING. Just keep your head down and focus all your energy on that.

You will see what will happen later. The unity issue can resolve itself in the blink of an eye when the time is right.

Forget about despair and depression. JUST KEEP FOCUSED AND KEEP ON WORKING! All is well. We’re moving along beautifully … don’t quit.

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