WARNING: JEWISH CRAP: Whites: People who think Nation States will cease to exist…

Just a quick note, someone was sending me something which I will read in full later.

It has to do with "Life after the State". The notion being that nation states will cease to exist.

This is just Jewish/Business/Liberal claptrap. NEVER BELIEVE THIS. NEVER. THIS IS NOT POSSIBLE.

Let me explain why. Because Nation States are the only organisations on the planet with the ability to KILL and CONQUER and CRUSH. So, the moment that others stop existing as states … they will be CONQUERED, CRUSHED, KILLED and ENSLAVED and ruled by … whichever State still exists!

There was a Canadian Jew, I forget the name of the disgusting Canadian Jew. But he promoted this total claptrap all the time. It’s complete hogwash. Don’t bother with it.

Just BUY MORE GUNS. He who has the GUNS will kill, enslave, conquer and RULE those who don’t have guns.

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