WARNING: About messages on my Contact us page – Problems & finally a proper solution


Just a note, in the last 10 days I was replying to people who left messages for me on my contact us pages. I was also very delighted to discover that some people prefer my Contact us pages to using emails.

My replies from the Contact us pages actually send emails to you.

I will discuss this in more depth in my updates video, but I wrote a lovely system for myself to handle ALL my incoming queries from the Contact us pages. But I realised that something is not right, because people told me some of my replies either did not arrive or landed in the spam folders.

I then made some changes a few months back, to try and overcome that problem. In my tests to myself and to different email addresses I had, everything worked.

But after I replied to many messages in the last 10 days, I noticed no replies. Then I tested to myself and it worked and I decided to do a test with another good supporter of mine. He then told me the horrific news: that no emails reached him, not even in his spam folder.

There is something I’ve wanted to do for several months, and I asked my volunteers if they could help crack the problem, and nobody came through with an answer. However, yesterday, I was pulling out all stops, thinking outside the box and trying every damned idea that might work, and I’m now 99% certain, that I’ve cracked the problem.

It is therefore possible that there are many people who wrote to me in the last 6 months, who never actually received emails from me even though I replied. It is the arrival of emails, and knowing whether people have seen them, that has been critical to me, and like I say, the feedback from others is not encouraging at all.

I am utterly convinced I have a solution to both problems. So what I will do, if make the fixes, and I will RESEND emails even if I wrote them months ago. I will resend all replies that I have written personally to people months ago.

So hang in there, I ran tests yesterday and I’ve been breaking my mind, and I think I have solutions to all the problems. I want to be CERTAIN, that when I write to people that I know people saw the mails.

Once this works, it will allow me to be able to reply to all people much faster. The system I wrote for myself, which I spent many weeks working on last year, is actually fabulous. When I use it, it is so much faster than anything else. I can really blast out replies to people at a heck of a pace. The ONLY hole in my entire plan, has been whether emails arrive and whether there is any kind of error or maliciousness on the go. I put tons of work into this since I returned from the USA, and everything is great … EXCEPT FOR THE CERTAINTY that people are seeing my emails in their inboxes. If It wasn’t for that, I would have been flying and people would not be waiting weeks, months and even YEARS for some replies.

So to all of you who contacted me in the last 2 months, just hang in there, you will be the first ones to get resent replies, and I will monitor them closely. I want to be 100% certain you received it.

Take care

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