War on Whiteness: Is the war of the whites finished? Or is it about to BEGIN?

In an email communication with various people one lady, Valerie, said that it was over for us. This is the final winding up.

I replied as follows:-
Valerie… the war has not yet begun. Whites are only now beginning to grasp what’s going on.
Knowledge = Power = War.

The actual fight is coming… We must just focus on waking people up as fast as we can.
I agree with Alfred Schaefer in Germany … the revolution is coming.

George Lincoln Rockwell said: “After Black Revolution comes White Revolution”. to me, of all the people who said things, this thing makes the most sense.

The blacks have had their chance, now the whites need to readjust things… Its really a case of EVOLUTION.

Some group makes a move, then our group makes a counter-move. We just never had this level of communication before EVER to be able to do this.

This is a huge chance for us.

Its historical …. its planet-wide … we must seize this with both hands for all we are worth.

I am happy the Jews are panicking. They never expected this break out…

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