WAR: From Napoleon to Hitler to Ukraine … 200 Years of Artillery domination


I have been extremely fascinated by the role of artillery in the Ukraine war. Both sides are using artillery heavily. It is the main weapon actually. I had thought tanks might, for example, dominate. But it was artillery!

Now I can tell you that Napoleon’s secret weapon, 220 years ago, was ARTILLERY! He used artillery more than anyone. It was in fact what he trained with. He was also excellent at math and that was critical to his success with artillery. Artillery was critical for Napoleon.

Artillery was already a very important aspect of battle when Napoleon was around, but he turned it into his key secret. After Napoleon, artillery was crucial throughout all Western wars. It was heavily used in the US Civil war. But when Hitler was in WW1, artillery was the number 1 weapon.

In WW2, despite tanks and aircraft, artillery was still the biggest killer.

Mortars were also a big killer, and you could class that as a type of artillery since it operates by indirect fire.

I am quite astounded that despite aircraft, missiles and tanks, that artillery is actually deadlier than ever.

I had known that modern artillery is deadly, but I’m amazed by the scale and power of it in every aspect of modern combat.

For the White man, this is good news for future race wars!!!

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