WAR CRIMES is a dreadful Jewish/Globalist idea – Remember Nuremberg?

I see that there are calls for an international tribunal for the Russians. I don’t even look at nonsense like war crimes. Remember the hideous Nuremberg trials at the end of WW2? That was just so that Jews could kill Germans. That’s all that crap was about.

It is hideous what went on there.

Remember Hitler, correctly, went and left the precursor to the United Nations, the League of Nations. Hitler saw it for the scam that it was.

All this United Nations crap is not White and not European. It’s a bad idea that America pushes. America is the real power keeping the UN going. It’s dreadful.

In a war, one should never let these UN scum into your country. This is just Jewish Globalist crap.

It was hideous for Germany. And I do not support it for the Ukraine war. I don’t think the Russians or anyone should be put on trial for anything. War is war. It’s hideous. But it will happen.

Keep these Globalist scum out of all national things.

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