VOX DAY … A mixed race Christian … intolerant and Jew Loving


[One of my readers wrote this comment about Vox Day. He didn't mention that Vox is Jew loving. His co-founder was a Jew who now writes for the Jewish New York Times. Anyway, I thought the comments of the reader make for interesting reading. All I know is that Vox is not fully White. And it is a good reminder that he's a Christian as well. I don't know why he got so popular. He made a lot of money out of games and software I think. I think that's where he started. Jan]

This is what the reader wrote:
I haven’t watched vox in more than a year and a half. I followed him for about 6 months. He would yap for 1 hour and when someone wrote something that disturbed him in the live chat, he would be thrown off completely and his show would go in the tank. He’s a christian, half or quarter Indian who fled to Italy. I forgot if he is a civic nationalist. Comedian Jimmy Dore is 10 times better and has half the IQ.

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