Videos: Those crazy, creative WHITE PEOPLE … Human Power plants (time to find SLAVES!)

I came across this idea. I didn’t believe anyone had actually done it … but damn … you can bet some white people have done it already!!!!

The power is stored as compressed air/water. Very cool stuff!

Human-powered gym turns workout energy into electricity:

Netherlands: Human Power Plant: (This is in Dutch):

Here are the same guys, speaking english showing the power plant in action:
A British company tried to get power out of people walking. At first it sounded like it might be a good idea, but upon investigation it turns out that 5 people have to be walking at the same time in order to generate enough power for a 40W light bulb. So its actually totally inefficient and useless. Here’s a video about it:

Here is an article, where the comments of the readers show how useless it is:

I prefer the human powered gym.

I think it’s better to return to the way our ancestors did it with horses or slaves to give us power. e.g. Horse walking in a circle.

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