Video: WW2: Ken Hechler who interviewed Goering (2010) – My Comments

[I wonder what guys like him leave out when he discusses Goering. But here is a little bit about Goering from someone who saw him face to face. In my view, Goering had his faults and flaws and Hitler was angry with him for not doing all he should have with the Luftwaffe. But at the end of his life, Goering stood up like a man, and he did his final duty for Germany and for Germans, and I have a LOT of respect for him for doing that. That took real guts. These other small time worthless swines who got to meet him at the end of his life were really not men of great stature themselves. Plus this is on Jewish youtube in it's very censored modern form so you can rest assured a lot has been left out. I would be interested if this guy said or wrote in more detail about Goering. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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