VIDEO: Whites are starting to rock!!! – A MASSIVE POPULIST UPRISING Against Far Left is SURGING Throughout the Nation!!!


[Well, lots of Police and even entire SWAT teams are resigning out of disgust. That’s sad, but good. Police need to show what cities will be like when they’re gone. The Jews and the Left have created impossible situations for themselves in their hatred of white America.

What made me laugh the most were the 700 armed whites who met up with the 80 BLM who went to a small town of Bethel. The whites had rifles, baseball bats, etc … and were shouting BLM down! If those blacks had wanted to fight the whites, the whites would have been able to decimate them in no time at all!

Even better, bikers are going to go to Seattle to confront and drive out ANTIFA from the city blocks they seized!!! And they’re going to do it on 4th July! This one I don’t want to miss. We must watch this one. I’m keen to see ANTIFA meeting the white bikers…. this is going to be a must-see.

It seems there’s a great pro-Trump rally coming up, and regardless of Trump’s weaknesses, he is supported by white Americans. I have been thinking hard about WHY the Jews hate Trump so much, and I think I understand it now, and it does not matter what his weaknesses are, WHITES are going to back him to the hilt. Whites have found a leader … and that’s the real issue.

So maybe the next 4 years will be really wild, but wild in a good way.

Watch this video below and you’ll see all the things starting to go wrong for the Jews, Blacks, Liberals and Leftist scum…. Whites have had enough…

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