Video: When New York was White and Civilised: New York 1911 (New Version) in Color 60fps, Remastered w/added sound


[This is very cool. The original was probably grainy Black and White without any sound. And it's been zinged up including sounds and colour. It seems to me almost everyone there were Whites. Notice also how neatly the Whites dressed back then. They didn't wear the kind of crap that nowadays passes for "fashion" where a man's trousers are falling off his body and it's 3 sizes too big. That's just a bunch of crap to bring our standards DOWN so that the Blacks don't stand out for being the dysfunctional losers that they are. I'm so sick and disgusted by what passes for "modern fashion" these days. I can tell you, that even Whites in the bronze age, (before Rome, etc) … wore better clothing than the pure crap that passes for modern fashion. I also look at the way White women dress here in South Africa and it disgusts me. Truly, Whites have lost their standards. I don't think it's too much to ask to put on a pair of socks, and to pull it up properly, put on a shirt or top that actually fits you. Our ancestors from 2000+ years ago were able to make proper fitting clothes and trousers. Seriously. It's not much to ask. The Romans and Greeks, by the way, had a dislike for trousers and it was a cultural thing. So don't be fooled by them wearing togas. The "Barbarians" were wearing TROUSERS – proper, fitting trousers. Whites probably had proper, fitting clothing, as far back as 12,000 years ago, to keep out the cold. And it was WATERPROOF I might add. Scientists have looked into this. Anyway, I'm so disgusted by how low our fashion standards have become thanks to Jews and Blacks. Jan]

Check out this lovely film footage:

Technical info about the video:

New Version of footage New York 1911 colorized with new technique, we can see the everyday life of the city recorded here street traffic, people going about their business

Video Restoration Process: ✔ FPS boosted to 60 frames per second ✔ Image resolution boosted up to HD ✔ Improved video sharpness and brightness ✔ Colorized only for the ambiance (not historically accurate) ✔added sound only for the ambiance ✔restoration:(stabilisation,denoise,cleand,deblur)

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