Video: VERY IMPORTANT: Russia faces catastrophic consequences if it uses nuclear weapons – My Analysis

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Wie is ons? Boere of Afrikaners? Antwoord van Dr Mike Du Toit
Ek het iemand gehad wat aan my geskryf het oor die onderwerp van Boere teenoor Afrikaners. Ek het besluit om Dr. Mike Du Toit te nader, wat die leier van die Boeremag was en ‘n professionele akademikus is wat baie goed ingelig is oor ons geskiedenis, om hierdie vraag te beantwoord. Dr. Du Toit weet nie net van ons geskiedenis in Suid-Afrika nie, maar ook van ons geskiedenis in Europa. Hier is sy antwoord.

[People should watch this closely. This is very good. This is an American who comes from the NSA. Listen very carefully to how he explains that the US Government has met directly with Russian officials over Putin's nuclear threats. I have been trying to explain to people that Governments operate very differently to Jews and to Business. It's a whole different world. It's SECRETIVE but it is based on RAW POWER and there's no mucking around. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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This is how Jews use forger‘s tactics on anyone ... even the Rich!

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