Video: US Election – Globalism weirdness – Servers in Spain & Germany with US election data?

I am finding some of the statements that are coming out of the mouths of people on Trump’s side very fascinating and weird. There is a tweet where there is a video of this US official saying:
@replouiegohmert reveals US Army (CIA?) team raid on Scytl server facility in Frankfurt, Germany to recover "extremely compelling" data detailing vote switching.

He says that a Tweet came from Germany saying that the US Military had seized the scytl servers.

Go down to the bottom where Congressman Gohmert speaks. I found the 2 minute chat by him really interesting. He says that there were servers in Spain that were accumulating US Election data. I must say, I find it a bit strange that the US is outsourcing things like its election data to other countries. Having said that, these are Western countries and I would not imagine foul play. But it is a little bit strange. I would have thought that the US election is something the US Govt would want to keep firmly within its grasp.

Gohmert says that the scytl server raid is known about due to a German tweet. That does not sound definitive. So I’m not sure how reliable that source is. But Sydney Powell seems much more certain. Even so Gohmert’s points are interesting:

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