Video: Tom Metzger & Jan: The Incredible White Heroes of the USA: Rockwell, Bob Mathews & more

The photo above is of an incredible white man: Bob Mathews … one of the most incredible white Americans who ever walked the face of the Earth. He died for white people. He was shot and burned to death by the Feds. He’s the most incredible white American since George Lincoln Rockwell. 

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This is a very important interview. Tom tells of many things that in US Right Wing history that have been forgotten.

Tom talks about the Jewish scumbag Netanyahu praising Trump and the USA. I mention the all time Jewish POS, Henry Kissinger and his astounding praise for Trump. When the Jews praise you … that’s bad news! That means Trump is doing great things for the Jews.

Tom discusses his view that the Alt-Right is not really serious. He discusses the time when Bill Clinton went and burned white Christians alive as Waco.

He discusses The Order and Bob Mathews who fought on to the end until they burned him alive too.

Tom’s background is that he grew up in the working class. At one time he was a Christian and he was even into Christian Identity.

He talks about the time the disgusting SPLC went after him and how he was the only right winger in the USA who fought back all the way to the Supreme Court against the SPLC. The SPLC tried to wipe him out financially and to destroy his motivation and yet, Tom just carried on despite what they had done to him.

He explains that in the days of Rockwell, that Rockwell was HATED by the Right Wing Leaders of the time. He also tells the fascinating story of “The Oakland Suicide Squad” who were Rockwell’s bodyguard on the West Coast and how they went to the Black Panthers determined to fight them face to face and smash them … and how they wimped out when they faced real white NAZI man!

Then there’s another amazing NAZI who operated in LA: Joe Tomassi. Joe is one of the unsung heroes of the NAZI movement in the USA – a totally forgotten man. A man who was made of the same stuff as Rockwell.

Tom still writes to the final members of The Order who are in prison and who will no doubt die in prison. He mentions David Tait and Richard Scatari – but there are others he could not remember. (Remember Tom is 80! – He’s got amazing energy for such an old man!).

Tom also mentions Ben Klassen the man who came up with the Creativity Religion and who wrote The White Man’s Bible, among many other books. He explains what Ben Klassen was like. Sometimes their relations were stormy. But he had respect for Klassen.

Tom also discusses his warning to Matt Hale.

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