Video: The Jewish Bolshevik Plan To Murder Six Million Europeans

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[Jew scum at work as usual. Jan]

Here’s the video:

Abba Kovner (1918-1987) was a Jewish terrorist leader, mass murderer, poet and writer. Kovner was born in the Crimean Black Sea port city of Sevastopol but soon moved with his family to Vilnius, Lithuania where he joined and became an active member in the Marxist-Zionist youth movement Hashomer Hatzair. In June 1941 Germany troops liberated the city, which had been seized by Bolshevism during the 1920’s. Kovner assembled a Jewish terrorist force known as the United Partisan Organization in the forests near Vilnius and engaged in sabotage and terrorist attacks against German troops. He continued his terrorist efforts throughout the war. After the occupation of Vilnius by the Jewish Bolshevik Red Army in July 1944, Kovner became one of the founders of the Berihah movement, helping Jewish terrorists escape Eastern Europe after the war. He went to Palestine for a short time in 1945 were Hashomer Hatzair headquarters issued him orders. Kovner then returned to Europe to found Nakam a Jewish terrorist organization whose ideological intention was to murder a mythical number of German civilians in ‘retribution’ for the Jewish historical construct. This mass genocide was never realized as Kovner was exposed smuggling enough concentrated toxin to poison four large European cities. Kovner was detained and deported from Europe back to Jewish terrorist Israel. Nakam then attempted a mass assassination on April 14, 1946 at the Langwasser internment camp near Nuremberg. Bread for 12,000 to 15,000 German POWs was painted with arsenic. According to the American press in 1946, 2300 of the interned soldiers fell ill and were admitted into the hospital but none died. Nevertheless Kovner’s terror group did succeed in the torture and gruesome deaths of an untold number of German civilians. In 1961 Kovner fabricated lies that led to the Jewish occupied Palestine’s murder of Adolf Eichmann, sanctioned by the occupied Jewish Western states.

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