Video: The Greatest Jewish Criminal: Bernie Madoff: The Jew who stole $65 billion! – My Comments


[As always, they don't tell you that Bernie Madoff, the biggest White collar criminal in history (that we know of), was a Jew. Just like Lord Janner in Britain and Jeff Epstein in America, they hide the fact that these scum are Jewish. Madoff died in jail about 9 months ago, a partly fitting end, but not true justice. Jews are never punished properly the way they should be and they get away with crimes and new crimes. The more I look at Jews, the more I will tell you that there must be bigger Jewish crimes that we don't know about. When Jews lie and fool the world, they fool … the whole world. Anyway, here is a "respectable Jew" who had a big name, and was deeply "respected" … but in reality was a BIG CROOK. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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