Video: Tenured Professor Fired For Questioning Social Justice


[I got this interesting one from Paul Fromm. As usual the Jews can break any rules – almost. In this case, a professor who is supposed to be able to carry out his work without political interference … was interfered with politically! That’s how things work! In this case the professor might not quite be white, but he was whacked anyway. Blacks who questioned Jewish slavery have themselves been whacked. Bottom line: Either kiss Jew ass or get smacked! Jan]

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Janice Fiamengo 1 day ago
Right after I recorded this, I realized I had forgotten to make the two most obvious points that deserved to be made:
1. The whole purpose of tenure is to protect academic freedom, so that professors can explore their subjects, both in their research and their teaching, without political interference, so it is particularly outrageous that Professor Mehta has been fired for statements; and

2. Professor Mehta HAS NOT HARASSED any individual or group with racist or transphobic comments. I am not such a libertarian that I believe any professor should be able to say or do anything in the classroom. Professor Mehta has presented evidence-based arguments on controversial subjects and has invited students to do the same. If we can’t make a distinction between these two types of discourse, then the entire academic endeavor is completely dead. I suspect that the firing of Professor Mehta represents a new phase in the campus war on dissident professors, part of the long march towards transforming all universities into pure Social Justice Indoctrination Centers.o

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