Video: Tank Drifting: Russian pride in their tanks & military – Sadly… sadly… the Germans are NOT allowed to feel PRIDE!


[I have watched many videos of the Russians dashing around with their tanks, showing their speed and toughness, and in this case, the ability to function under water. The German leopard tanks can do this too. But the Russians are very much in-your-face in their military pride, from WW2. But the Russians would NEVER have made it through WW2 if it wasn't for the Jewish shitbags, and Jewish Britain and the Jewish USA and the Jews and American Super Rich who built up Russia's industry. The Russians (and the blacks in Africa too actually), like to wear military uniforms. In the case of the Russians, even their women wear uniforms proudly. But no German would be allowed to do this, though they were the greatest soldiers of modern times. The Russians have a lot of good DNA, even Viking DNA, and yet they do not seem to see themselves as Whites. They see themselves as Russians. I think a large part of Russia should become a part of Europa! The Ukrainians seem to be the coolest of the Whites from "Russia". Jan]

Here are the Russians showing off, but I wish all Whites could be more militarised and proud like this:

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