Video: SUGAR KILLS: THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC: What the rich are feeding you…

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Whites: Know your enemy: Fun Facts about (((Liberals)))
Liberals are NOT our friends! Liberals are the ENEMIES of ALL Whites. Here are some fun memes about Liberals.

[This woman goes a bit overboard because she has a serious life-threatening illness. But she does make a number of good points. I've mentioned before that sugar is a poison. Note her mention of the obesity epidemic. This is a very real thing. We are getting chemicals in our food that is bad for us. I have personally learned to stay away from so many processed foods. I eat such simple stuff because I've realised the actual side effects on me. Processed foods are dangerous. And sugar seems to be everywhere… and Jews of course only care about WHAT SELLS. Jan]

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White South African Murders page: Murders of Whites from 1996 to 2016
On this page, are collections of the names and details of Whites who were murdered during the period 1996 to 2016. The true number of Whites killed in South Africa since 1994, is stupendous, and nobody has got even a fraction of all the names. But this is the most comprehensive collection that the Boere State Party has currently. My own attorney told me that he thinks 100,000 Whites have been murdered during Black rule.

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