Video: Roe v Wade: The Left Has No One To Blame But Themselves from: KICK THEM ALL OUT!


[I love this website, the KickThemAllOut project! Yeah! It's long overdue that Whites got angry and stood their ground. The Jewish driven Liberals/Left are nothing more than a SCAM. Their real goal everywhere is to divide Whites and set them up for communism, diversity and their own destruction. It's that simple. Jan]

While Roe v Wade was overturned because there is nothing in the Constitution that legitimately conveys a right to abortion this young lady highlights some spot-on points about how the Lunatic Left set the stage for it being time to do away with this horrendous, weakly contrived ruling. Even Ruth Bader Ginsburg thought it was a horribly reasoned ruling!

You can watch the lovely video here:

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