Video: Proof of an INTENSE Witch-hunt: Trump’s Mar-a-Lago search warrant cites 3 criminal laws – My Comments

[I will bet you that Trump is not the only President who has "broken these 3 criminal laws". Whatever Trump took from the White House, I'm sure he was not doing anything that had not been done before. Furthermore, they said that ALL PRESIDENTS take documents with them. It's nothing new. And the Government allows it, and they can still monitor it and take it back. Let me tell you what reeks of a witch hunt for me. They must have worked very hard, for very long, with attorneys and with people who somehow got hold of the lists of documents that Trump had. They must have hunted high and low until they could find something that is TECHNICALLY ILLEGAL. That you don't have to DO ANYTHING… you don't have to commit an actual crime. Just having it in your possession IS A CRIME. What of Hillary Clinton and her tens of thousands of emails she deleted in order to hide her crimes? So it seems that they have found a technicality which can be used to claim that Trump broke a law. Like I say, I doubt Trump has done anything harmful or even anything that other Presidents haven't done. The Clintons, when they left the White House were BREAKING THINGS – Deliberately. This is a witch hunt through and through. The thing to watch now is whether this could fly in court. In some respects it looks like it to me. Technically, even if you are in jail in the USA you can run for President. But, I'm sure Liberals and Jews would be able to twist that enough so as to stop Trump running. Remember they tried to impeach him twice and failed. Clearly, this is the best trick they've yet come up with. This is a pure political witch hunt and nothing more. But boy, they must have put a LOT of effort into this. Jan]

Here’s the short video:

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