Video of the Christmas I got rid of my Jewish friends – also: The Great Jewish Mask – Jewish Scams


[One of my long time supporters sent me an email with a request for links to videos I had done. I have noticed that the search function on my website sucks and that it is not easy to find some of my videos, etc. I have some plans in this regard. Jan]

This was my reply to him:

Hi ,Thanks for the request. Here’s the video:

People also liked: When Jewish Chameleons boast:

And here’s the followup to it:

You can tell him this:-

I would agree with the notion that they have a higher verbal IQ – and be aware I say higher verbal IQ but not higher IQ in general. So they’re not cleverer than us in most things – only in verbal IQ.

I would add that the ONLY true Jewish "Science" that exists is: Manipulation of Human Beings.

An old video related to the lies of the Jews is:

Please don’t forget The Great Jewish Mask series at least parts 1-4. That’s very important.

Also regarding Jewish manipulating of people including even the Rich don’t forget:

So to return to the higher Jewish verbal IQ: Yes the Jews very possibly do have a higher verbal IQ, BUT, they use it in a very evil way. They use it exclusively to trick people and manipulate people. These people basically run scams to manipulate others including whole nations and even the whole world. Their only "science" that is real, is HOW TO MANIPULATE PEOPLE.

The more I study the Jews, the more I think, everything they do is just a scam and that the scam runs until such time as people awaken and the scam collapses. But they know the process of how to manipulate people and divide people even when the scam is busy collapsing.

These days, I think that all of Liberalism/Diversity is nothing more than a Jewish scam and that it will collapse in a heap. But they have successfully divided Americans and Americans will even try to kill each other over it. e.g. BLM, etc.

I am also becoming ever more convinced that Capitalism is itself a type of scam.

I see the ONLY expertise of Jews as being the MANIPULATION OF PEOPLE. I think it lies at the core of "business" and they use it in everything.

I will firmly disagree that they have any other IQ measure that means anything, especially when it’s technical or mathematical.

I would say that Jews cannot resist LYING in virtually everything they touch. They can therefore never be truly objective in the way that we are in our civilization.

So just be aware, I’ll give them a higher verbal IQ on the basis that they ABUSE IT MASSIVELY and that it is their main tool. It is used with intense trickery, and related scams. e.g. All of them lying in unison. See: How Jews trick and cheat the Rich.

And with regard to their higher verbal IQ, it’s not like it’s a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE. I recall looking into this some years back. I think you’re only talking about 5 IQ points. So it’s not like ours is say 100 and they are 150. Nothing like that.

Also, keep in mind that Israel’s IQ is LOWER than that of the USA!

I hope I’ve explained it in a way that makes sense!

If they were to rely on their higher verbal IQ alone, without lying and cheating and tricking … their success would hardly be noticeable.

What augments it is their teamwork, their secrecy, their ability to lie in unison as a team. They have a plan, and they MANIPULATE PEOPLE WITH THEIR PLAN IN MIND.

So to repeat, they can trick entire nations, races and they regularly even trick the entire population of the Earth. For them words are weapons and tools and they use them REGARDLESS OF THE FACTS.

If they stuck to the FACTS, they would ALMOST NEVER SUCCEED. So LYING is a critical component for them – CRITICAL. They "invent the facts they need" and then they set about fooling everyone.

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