Video: More Hype and war scares: Vladimir Putin’s Ukraine obsession escalates conflict – My Comments: Whites – the ONLY REAL ENEMY


[Notice how, recently, and especially this year, we've seen endless fake fears of massive war about to break out. Remember the Russian buildup in the Ukraine, with tanks? Then just when everyone thought there was a war, it turned out that the Russians announced it was merely an annual military exercise. Then we had endless scares about how China is going to invade Taiwan immediately … and as I had said, that's pure nonsense. Now we're back to the Ukraine with new fears of a war. Jews are also involved on the US side as negotiators in the Ukraine. Remember the Jewish hag Nuland? To me it is as if the world is being filled with continuous scary headlines of things that one does not have to fear, including "new COVID variants". We are seeing endless scary stories. This could also be a Jewish trick aimed at taking people away from focusing on other things. I don't take these potential conflicts seriously. I don't see any reason why these conflicts could become anything serious. These are small moves in a chess game where nobody is really out to nail each other. In the real world, the only thing that really scares anyone is…. WHITES and RACISM. That's all. All the people in power are in one way or another linked to Jews, whether it is Jew-loving Putin, or Jewish-China or Jewish-controlled USA. They will NOT destroy each other. They like each other. The only thing they all HATE are Whites. Jan]

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