Video: March 2020: Accurate prediction & analysis of COVID & Vaccine – COVID is a COLD VIRUS


[This video from March 2020, actually gives a very good assessment of what COVID is likely to be. I think, given how early in the COVID nonsense crisis this occured, this Doctor did an excellent job. Something that is never mentioned is that a Corona Virus is a COLD VIRUS. I discovered this last year, that all Coronaviruses are COLD viruses and NOT flu viruses. This analysis takes this into account and points out the total INSANITY of producing any type of vaccine for it. A vaccine for flu lasts, at best a year. A vaccine for a cold is even more difficult to do. All in all, given how long ago this was done, I think this is a pretty good video. The only part I differ with is the ventilator part. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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