Video: JEWS & the Late Great Tom Metzger warned Americans 40 Years ago: THE BORDER & IMMIGRANTS!


[This is from a man I know who was very closely linked to Tom Metzger. Below is a reminder of how Tom was warning White Americans and how bad things have now become! Jews … Jews are known for "opening the gates to the city", as Dr David Duke has said. But nowadays, Jews open the "gates" to entire nations and even entire CONTINENTS! Jews … open the gates/borders and let the ENEMY IN who will destroy you! Jan]

The comments below are from the guy I know who was associated with Tom Metzger:

Borderline (1981)

Many border movies came out back then, not long after Tom Metzger had begun the Border Watch south of San Diego. He once mentioned getting into a tussle with Charles Bronson. Coincidence?

Though a mediocre flick, this closing statement is revealing (1:36:10):

In 1979, more than one million

undocumented aliens were apprehended

crossing the border into The United States.

It is estimated more than twice

that number of undocumented aliens

successfully enter this country

every year.

That’s over 40 years ago!

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