Video: JEWS: Jeffrey Epstein’s former lawyer, Alan Dershowitz, on his client – BBC Newsnight – My Comments

[Dershowitz is a dirtbag I am well familiar with. I used to listen to his Jewish claptrap decades ago, when filthy disgusting CNN began broadcasting in South Africa. I used to watch the (Jew) Larry King Live show without realising I'm watching a Jew, and the Jew was dragging in all his Jewish pals. I took an intense dislike to this dirtbag Dershowitz. He always seemed to be flying in the face of truth, etc. Here he is, lying about his Jewish paedophile client Epstein. He claims it's all professional, blah blah … never knew this … never knew that, etc, etc. What a bag of crap he is. But he is an old slippery one. He's a very slippery fish. Jan]

Here’s the video:–Alan-Dershowitz–on-his-client—BBC-Newsnight

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