Video: JEWISH HOUSE OF CARDS: Super Jew Fraud: FTX & Sam Bankman-Fried: How FTX was collapsed: A Run on a Crypto Company – FTX’s Collapse Is FAR WORSE Than You Think

[The information in here is excellent. This is Jewish scamming at its finest. This is a fascinating story about endless Jewish lies … and then … someone pulled the plug on them! This shows exactly who did what. It's a hell of a story. An Asian billionaire took the Jew rat down for disrespecting him. It's a fascinating story. The Jew rats then tried to sell their empty dumb company to him … but then the Asian saw that this was an empty hole … I've mentioned the concept of a Jewish house of cards before. Well, when you see the story of FTX, you'll see the ultimate Jewish House of Cards. In the past, people had "runs" on banks. Well, there was a "run" on FTX and it went empty really fast! By the way, the Jewish New York Times has been covering for the Jew rat Sam Bankman-Fried and has been trying to portray him as a victim!!! Typical Jews sticking together and hiding each other's crimes! You'll see how lazy the Jew rat was and how he pulled off huge scams and fooled everyone. He got an incompetant company to do his audits. That fooled everyone into thinking that the company was solid. That's a lovely Jewish House of Cards. The Jew rat Sam is a very devious boy. He created all kinds of structures which show that he was a premeditated scumbag. He prepared the way so he could break all kinds of rules! I'm telling you, in the history of financial scams, FTX is going to be something the likes of which has never happened in America or the First World. When the Jew's entire business collapsed, it seems very clear that the Jew immediately stole almost $1 billion of what was left by claiming that the company was hacked. This is one hell of a story. Jan]

This is a good detailed video that explains a lot of stuff:

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