Video: Inside A Real-Life War Game: China And U.S. Square Off Over Taiwan


[In the US Military and political establishment they run regular wargames. This is one. Germans are the original inventors of wargaming. I'm not saying wargaming is perfect. Everyone does it nowadays. But it will give you some idea of how it's done. I'm not particularly a fan of the American method, but like I say, here's a little bit of insight into how it works. Personally, I would not worry about dumb China, nor any attempts it will make to hit Taiwan. The Chinese are too useless to take on Taiwan. Hundreds of thousands of troops would be killed. Unless they nuke the Taiwanese they don't stand a chance. Jan]

Here’s the video:

The briefing: It’s 2027. China is poised to invade Taiwan. This is the scenario of an unprecedented war game produced with the Center for a New American Security to envision a war between the U.S. & China.

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