Video: Insane: 300,000 illegal immigrants have crossed into the USA under Biden’s short presidency so far


[It is great to see this from Australia! There is a little bit of sanity in Australia. Jan]

The “chaos of illegal arrivals” has started up again after Joe Biden scrapped Donald Trump’s work on illegal migration, according to Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“Since the change of president in January, over 300,000 people… have crossed illegally from Mexico into the United States,” Ms Credlin said.

“In their quest for open borders and global government, the left thrives, on the generosity of good people – and the reality that most people don’t know all the facts about refugees, illegal migration, and a nation’s right to secure its borders.

“I was not always a great fan of the former US President Donald Trump, but his determination to build a wall with Mexico and stop the waves of illegal migration, at least meant that the flood had slowed – under his term – to a comparative trickle.

“But because Trump was all bad according to the new president, of course, and his Democratic colleagues, just about all his works had to be scrapped, even the ones that had succeeded, such as his efforts to hinder illegal migration.”

Ms Credlin said the result of this was “absolutely predictable – this trade in human suffering, particularly in relation to young children” started up again after Joe Biden’s inauguration.

“Let what’s happening in America be a bit of a lesson,” she said.

“Government’s can’t let misplaced compassion drive their border protection policy. And voters need to be very careful about electing political parties that are conflicted on this issue.”

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