Video: INCREDIBLE White Super Genius: Nikola Tesla’s amazing Turbine!!!


[I've been watching some videos of the Tesla turbine and began asking myself: How does this thing actually work? The answer will astound and amaze you. And to think that this thing was invented in 1909 and has … until now … not had a practical use! It was originally invented to be used as a steam engine. Don't knock steam power … nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers function on STEAM POWER generated by heat from nuclear power! So a nuclear powered submarine is really a STEAM POWERED submarine! Ditto for an aircraft carrier! Gasoline engines killed the possibilities of this engine. However, look very carefully at this video describing how this little turbine works and you'll be amazed by the unbelievable sophistication of the thinking of this man long before the age of computers, etc. How he even conceived of such a complex idea leaves me astounded! Watch the description carefully. Then they also have a tiny Tesla turbine which they run and you see it in action. What makes this little machine even more INCREDIBLE, is its speed of rotation, and even more amazingly, the faster it turns … THE MORE POWER IT GENERATES AND THE FASTER IT WANTS TO GO! Tesla, in his time found that it went so fast that it broke any known metal or alloy he could find!!! In the video, it spins up to an incredible 80,000 RPM!!! But this little machine has other features. It is reversible. It can run equally efficiently both forwards and backwards! Even more astounding, you can reverse it completely and use it as a pump! I find it hard to believe that there are no uses for it. This turbine is beyond imagination. Watch this short video and let it blow your mind! Jan]

Here’s the video:

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