Video: IMPORTANT: My only fear about Crypto coins: A Run on WALLETS like a Run on BANKS

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[This woman does a lot of crypto stuff. The one thing I've noticed since this stupid like Jew creep Sam Bankman-Fried has brought down his stupid ponzi scheme company called FTX – is that we've seen a RUN on FTX and other crypto companies in the same way that there used to be RUNS on BANKS! When a run occurs on a bank, people rush in, grab their cash and the bank actually owes more money than it has, and it folds. And people who still have money in it, lose it. This dumbass Jew FTX stuff has caused this. One of the concerns is how much will this spread to other companies that trade and do crypto stuff? Furthermore, all these crypto companies have got wallets – in effect "Bank accounts" where you store your money/crypto. Now if that company goes bankrupt then your wallet/account can go down with them just like it happened with FTX. I believe there are ways to have wallets that are NOT under company control. It would be nice if you can store your crypto in a wallet that is NOT linked to these companies. And I do believe it's possible but I've never dug into how this is done. This woman raises the issue that more companies could fold. What is kind of scary is companies paying interest on crypto. She is hinting that maybe some of that is from a type of ponzi scheme. This is not certain. But this stuff is causing me to wonder how safe money is, if it is in a crypto wallet during this time where the fall-out from Jewish FTX is still spreading? Will other companies fall? If so, how many? Jan]

Here’s the video where she speaks about Binance and Mt Gox:

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