Video: How Dr William Pierce outwitted the Feds and their spies!


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This is my analysis of Dr William Pierce and various things I’ve heard and come across over the years which indicate to me that this brilliant American scientist who became a NAZI did indeed outwit the Feds on many occasions. He probably outwitted them for decades. I mention The Order and their brilliant, violent actions. I discuss the other American genius NAZI, George Lincoln Rockwell whom I regard as the greatest NAZI in the world AFTER WW2. Both these American geniuses need to be studied closely. Each contributed greatly to our race. They survived in the Amerian hell hole where the Jews control everything and the Jews are tremendously powerful. How did they, as common white males, manage to survive and make a difference to our race?

This is related to my video about the Boermag: “Untold Story of South Africa’s Greatest Rightwing Organisation”.

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