Video: Great speech from Hitler: Adolf Hitler on British Hypocrisy and Lies – German audience laughs a LOT!


This is actually excellent. Listen to Hitler talking (there are subtitles), and he explains the many reasons the British give for fighting, among them being that the British do not hate the Germans! No, they love the German people and they are fighting to make the German people FREE from this horrific regime! They want to destroy the regime (the NAZIS) TO MAKE THE GERMAN PEOPLE HAPPY! He quotes many of the other bogus reasons the British Govt gives for their reasons for fighting. Much of the time the German audience laughs a lot at the sheer hypocrisy of the British. Its a lovely speech. Some good history in there. But I really enjoyed the audience reaction. It shows you how the Germans of the time looked at Britain for the hypocritical Jewish nation that it is.

You can view it here:

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