Video: German Boer Unity: Demoralisation and psychological warfare against Whites


NB: The above image is of a German card showing a Boer giving a hiding to the (British) invader during the Anglo-Boer war. When you pull the string his arm moves! This was probably from the early days of the 2nd Anglo-Boer War when the Boers were defeating the British army in battle!

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Germans and Boers are the most vilified whites on the planet. For decades Germans and Boers have been vilified and lied about across the world and have been inundated from ever angle about how “evil” and “racist” they were. But ALL whites are subject to being called “racist”. The Jews of course are behind this because of their intense hatred for Europeans and all descendants of Europeans.

So I chat to Alfred Schaefer in Germany and we discuss the main mental problems that are weakening whites across the planet: Demoralisation and psychological warfare.

I discuss how the fall of White South Africa was a total psychological campaign.

We think that Dr Duke is doing the wrong thing by apologising for having been in the KKK. The KKK was an awesome organisation. It is an organisation that I would like to get detailed information on. The KKK is to America as the AWB is to South Africa. Both are vilified. But both are 100% totally white and have worked to defend whites.

I also discuss the BIG MYTH that the Liberals/Jews foisted on the whites of Africa (and which most whites in the USA believe), the Myth of a Black Middle Class and how it would stand by whites and fight on the side of whites. I give specific examples of the extreme weakness of the Black Middle Class and what they actually do when faced with a problem.

I also discuss how the Germans freed white people in Eastern Europe from the Jews and how those whites turned on the Jews! The Jews misrepresent it as yet another “NAZI holocaust” but in fact it was whites who finally were free and they gave the Jews a well-deserved beating.

We discuss the fact that the Global system is totally Anti-White.

We discuss how the Jews “opened the gates” of non-white “migration” of Europe and the USA.

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