Video: From Canada: Military set to crush truckers, Doctor physically removing patients from killer hospitals and more! – My Comments

[The video below from Stew Peters claims that the military will
crush the truckers. I will discuss this separately later. Jan]

If that dickhead in Ottawa launches the military more than likely it will cause global repercussions. More trucks are coming there and others places around the world. I don’t think he really understands what he is doing. Can’t make the trucks leave when their fuel has been cut off. Cops are ‘just following orders’, if this breaks, military or not, they will lose. When the people get ‘angry’ it will blow. Things are getting more tense.

Just observing…..

Charlie Parker – dcon

Quote: “The Canadian trucker convoy started as a protest. Now, it’s practically brought the Canadian government to its knees. The Covid tyrants in Ottawa are coming unglued. So they’re getting more aggressive. In Parliament, Canada’s pathetic, fake “conservative” party threw out their leader for even meeting with the Truckers. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police sent a representative of the Crown to meet with truckers in an eerie scene, something that looks like war games, something that reminds us of a horrific movie or a recreation of the genocidal events in our world’s history.

Baheej Saliba is a commercial pilot. He has close to four decades of experience, after moving here from a war-torn country with a dream of learning to fly. He drove across America 7 times hunting for a flying job before he got one in Arizona. They built their own house by hand over five years. They are the real American dream, but now some goose step enforcers are trying to crush them.

The regime “media” is protecting the Biden crime family, but we will not. Garrett Ziegler exposes UNDENIABLE evidence of criminal offenses, and provides contact information for the sheriff that can make arrest(s). John Witcher is a Mississippi doctor that’s had enough. He’s PHYSICALLY REMOVING patients from killing fields (hospitals) and taking them to an undisclosed location to save them.

I don’t think the Satanist who run all of Canada, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and The United States, need to call in the Canadian Military just yet. Aside from being predictably unimaginative, it would have the opposite intended effect in the Public Opinion Arena of being crude, heavy handed and grossly over played on the part of the real architects and purveyors of this hay ride.

The World Management Team is invested in making sure that Their little game of cat-and-mouse continues on for a bit, until they’ve run Their social experiment into the ground after the wheels fall off, and have nothing more to learn from it.

At that time, they will give the order to sunset the experiment in a way in which no one will have saw coming, least of all. . . the people of Canada.

It’s important to keep in mind that the administrators of this assemblage of the discontented have Their people embedded in both camps, which gives them over-riding control of steerage at all times, either into the weeds, or over the hills-and-dales.

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