Video: FANTASTIC: USA: Jesse Watters: Anti-Biden chants sweep the nation – My Comments


[I've not come across this guy Jesse Watters before. It is only recently that I began noticing him as a result of him being on Fox News and defending the HERO Kyle Rittenhouse. Watters doesn't seem to be a bad guy at all and he manages to say some things that are a bit more powerful than the normal conservatives. Of course he doesn't go the whole way … but even so, it's not bad going for someone who has access to Fox. Personally I love the Go Brandon stuff, and better still when it is said properly as in: Fck Joe Biden. Notice how it is stadiums full of WHITES who are chanting FCK Joe Biden. This is amazing and AWESOME. Just AWESOME. It proves to me that there is life in White Americans. This is a very good sign. But I am concerned that this pure sack of shit, aka, Joe Biden might still stand for election in 2024!!! WTF!?!?!? This is concerning. And where is Donald Trump? Jan]

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