Video: EXCELLENT: American Rebellion: Conservatives defy COVID Mask Laws at a Liberal Grocery Store


[A long time supporter of mine, sent me this link with his comments below. In this video a bunch of American conservatives, most of whom are White, but also some Asians, went into a Liberal store where Masks are worn and they caused chaos. They were filming and warning of assault, etc. THEY WERE OPERATING AS GROUP. We've seen DECADES of Black MASS ACTION and Black MASS VIOLENCE, but we've not seen Whites operating as groups, and we should. Anyhow, here is some film footage where these folks are going as a group, shoving their way into the store and buying some things and really pissing off these stupid Liberal sheeple who are wearing silly masks. They are very polite about it, but firm. This is WONDERFUL! Whites, stick together and do your thing! This is how we are going to win. You are NOT GOING TO WIN BY GROVELLING LIKE A DOG IN FRONT OF Jews, Communists and Liberals. STAND UP FOR YOURSELVES! And yes, WORSE IS BETTER, EMBRACE THE CHAOS and PUSH ON FORWARD… you'll see how this is going to work for all of us! 14/88 Watch it before the Jews take it down. Jan]

My Supporter’s comment:
Conservatives caused chaos in a liberal grocery store called "Trader Joe’s" (irony of the name). They went in en-masse without wearing any masks; the store workers went insane and some even threw baskets at them. It reminded me of what you’re always saying: "Embrace chaos – worse is better." Enjoy.

The description below the video on Youtube was:
This group of people showed up to a Trader Joe’s grocery store in Santa Cruz, California and they proceeded to cause some very much needed EPIC CHAOS!!! We need more of these types of events in the future and we need to BOYCOTT these businesses for treating people this way.

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