Video: Even Non-Whites are noticing: What Is Driving Canada’s Dramatic Population Rise?

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[This analysis from India actually explains the massive influx of non-Whites into Canada, and they speak about how it will change Canada's demographics!!! But notice the logic behind this drive is related to economics. This is something I've come across many times now. And that tells me that JEWS are driving this. JEWS are claiming that bringing in all these non-Whites is going to be a benefit to the economy. Also, what I have come across many times is mention of Canada's aging population and their lack of children. So instead of helping the White population to have more children, this must be the first time in history that a White Government, tosses it's White population aside and then imports non-Whites in order to replace the Whites. Of course, the Government officials should themselves BE HANGED for this. But rest assured JEWS, and that Jewish billionaire whispering in the ears of Trudeau, is at work here. I am surprised at how many Indians are pouring into Canada. We have Indians here in Africa and I've worked for them and with them, and I can say much about them. I did see Indians in Canada when I was there. They are exactly the same as the Indians here. Indians in many respects behave like Black Jews. In this video these Indians tell a straight story. Jan]

Here’s the video:

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