Video: Does Bill Gates have a secret “Honey Child” in China? Bill Gates the COMMUNIST!

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Video & Audio: What Jews tell each other in Private: Jewish Racism and Jewish Supremacism
We take a look at some pieces of video footage where Jews talk and we hear exactly what they say, and how they act when they are together. Over many centuries in Europe, Whites confronted Jews many times and asked them questions about what they really believe or think or say. Jews denied certain things. But in this video we look at some actual film footage and analyse it.

[This is quite fascinating. Someone sent me this link claiming that this might be the real reason Gates is divorcing. Personally, I think it really is more likely connected to Epstein. However, Gates does do some weird things. And it seems very probable that this is true as well. This Chinese woman seems to have excellent contacts. It is possible that she herself is working for the Chinese Government and putting out propaganda and dirt which they want to put out. I think this is quite believable and probable. The elite and super rich are idiots and scum. Jan]

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Former Rhodesia: Mugabe rampage leaves 1.5 million Blacks homeless 30,000 arrested
When Black leaders do enormous things, Jews and Liberals never criticise them. The scale of what Mugabe did was incredible, but no Jew or Liberal ever screeched about it.

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